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There is massive potential for B2B marketers to use social media to build relationships with existing clients and to win new business. The challenge is how to use social media in a way that enhances rather than damages your reputation and your brand.

This is why realityhouse commissioned Heather Townsend – author of the Financial Times Guide to Business Networking to develop a unique approach to social media based on traditional offline networking skills for us. Here’s how it works.

Social Media Development
The Four ‘C’s Content Connections Conversations Call to action
Working with your strategy Integrate social media into your content mapping Use your market mapping to identify your key prospects Talk about online messages outlined in your brand development Take your online contracts offline—win their confidence and their business

realityhouse will work with you to developing an effective social media policy and strategy and most critically will provide ongoing training and support to ensure that your marketing team maximise the impact of their online social media activity.

So far so good. But that does sound like a lot of work. And won’t social media take up a lot of time? Short answer is no. During the strategy phase we’ll work with you to identify key contacts within your business who will gain the most benefit from social media. And during social media training, we’ll show you how to minimise the time spent – and maximise the return on investment.


Learn how your business can win new business using social media by contacting us via our contact form or calling 0845 643 9627.

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